Paul N. Lashbrook

October 6, 1940 – June 28, 2015

SAH has lost one of its most decicated members.  Paul Nathan Lashbrook was born in Wisconsin to Ruth Elizabeth and Jack W Lashbrook.  His father was a minister who frequently moved the family to Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Canada and Barbados.  Our condolenses are extended to his wife Bonnie, Mother and brothers James, John and Roger.

Eighteen years of teaching in Ohio and Florida were followed by a civil law practice in Florida.  Paul graduated from Asbury University in 1962, continuing on to a masters degree in education from Florida Atlantic University in 1974 and a law degree from Nova University Law School in 1983.  Paul met his wife Bonnie at Asbury and they married in 1964.  Their only child, Lisa, was born and died in 1971.

Like most of us, Paul’s passion was automobiles involving membership in a dozen clubs.  Paul has been a long-term member of the SAH board and has also held the treasure’s role.  He was first elected in 1992.  Bonnie claims we have no idea how much SAH meant to Paul, but those of us who were greeted by Paul at the Hershey SAH tent may have had an inkling.  Nobody is likely to have shaken more SAH member hands than Paul.  Besides running the tent and providing all the refreshments, he also organized the author signing events, ensuring a crowded gathering of enthusiasts.

Paul will be remembered for his quiet, compassionate spiritualism combined with optimism fortified by determination.  His failing health over the past 15 years was not allowed to interfere with his Hershey tent duties.  Paul was always sure to thank SAH participants for their contribution to SAH.  Now it is our turn to thank and recognize Paul for the wise counsel on board matters and long serving role he has played for SAH.  The Hershey tent will not be the same without you Paul.

Photograph: Kirk Gibson


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